Cogo Application Platform

Cogo Applciations Platform
The Cogo Application Platform was created by Halo Technologies to rapidly advance the deployment Intelligent Transportation Systems.  We have successfully deployed ITS applications in prototype and operational capacities for the past five years at venues ranging from the Mackinac Bridge, Michigan ITS Show, to ITS America, and the ITS World Congress.

Applications built on top of our platform have been demonstrated to State DOT’s, Representatives from the Senate Subcommittee on Transportation and State Governors.  These applications have used a variety of technologies that include DSRC (5.9Ghz), WLAN (2.4Ghz), and Cellular Communications.

Almost every driver carries a cellular device, and more often these devices are smart-phones, essentially mini-computers.  These carry-in devices allow developers to take advantage of a large base of preexisting infrastructure without any low-level vehicle integration.  The hardware allows for data processing, and WiFi and Cellular networks provide connectivity.  By using these devices we can quickly and easily deploy and run a vast number of ITS applications.

Many ITS applications share a common basic functionality.  By replacing redundant code and duplicated functionality with a shared platform we can guarantee more reliable applications that are faster and easier to develop.  Over the past year, we have built a prototype software platform to meet this goal on an Android enabled cellular phone.  Using this platform, we have developed several sample applications, including a probe data application that records vehicle information and transfers it back to a server for storage, analysis, and display.