Halo provides software development services for mobile devices.  Our engineers are experienced in software engineering, product design, and systems integration with degrees in electrical engineering, computer science engineering, mathematics, and physics.

The foundation of our applications are based upon a common software platform we have created to decrease production time, defects, and cost.  By starting with a strong foundation, we can build confidence into our applications and deliver high quality products.

We do not refer to ourselves as a pure software house, but rather as a solutions provider believing in partnering with our customers throughout the project life cycle, beginning with the creation of a Statement of Work.  The Statement of Work outlines the requirements for the initial software release and properly details the overall picture of the product we are building.

Our customers include non-profits, state governments, and public organizations.  We look forward to working with a variety of customers and are able to comply with a multitude of standards and deliverables.  In addition to providing applications, we also provide consulting, and full scale integrated solutions (including both hardware and software components).

At Halo, we employ sound engineering practices to ensure quality releases.  We have in-house defect tracking, bug reporting, and issue resolution services that ensure no issues are misplaced.

The customer experience is just as important as delivery of a product.

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